Highlights / Updates

  1. This congress will be conducted with English as the main language
  2. Evolving Concepts In Interventional Oncology : The Future Of Precision Medicine
  3. Immunohistochemical Pathology
  4. Molecular Profiling : The Future Is Bright
  5. Hybrid Angio-CT Guidance In Advanced Interventional Oncology
  6. State-Of-Art Transarterial Therapy And Management In Cancers
  7. TACE Beyond Liver
  1. Local Ablation In Malignant Disorders (RFA/MWA/Cryotherapy/IRE)
  2. Novel Targeted And Immunotherapy In Cancers
  3. New Paradigm In Modern Radiation Oncology
  4. Anti Viral Therapy In HCC : Roles And Outcome
  5. Multidisciplinary Board Symposia With Case Studies
  6. Live Telecast And Masterclass Training In Interventional Oncology

Overview Day One
3rd October 2019

Overview Day Two
4th October 2019

Overview Day Three
5th October 2019