Congress: Programme Day 2
4th October 2019 (Friday)

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Foundation Course 7 (FC 7)
Lecture Hall C, 0730hrs – 0830hrs
Course Objectives:

  • To learn the basics in analgesia and sedation.
  • To learn the various analgesic options available for peri- and post-procedural pain control in IR setting.
  • To be aware of precautions in special patient population such as the young, elderly and those with special medical needs.

Safe Sedation In IO

  • Basics Of Analgesia And Sedation Levels - Gopinathan Raju, Malaysia
  • Peri- And Post-Procedural Pain Control: What Are My Options? - Terence Kiat Beng Teo, Singapore
  • Precautions In The Young, The Elderly And Patients With Special Medical Needs - Gopinathan Raju, Malaysia

Foundation Course 8 (FC 8)
Lecture Hall D, 0730hrs – 0830hrs
Course Objectives:

  1. To learn the technical approach to performing TACE for non-HCC liver tumours.
  2. To learn the technical approach to performing extrahepatic TACE for breast, lung, and pancreatic tumours.

TACE - Liver And Beyond

  • Transarterial Chemotherapy In Liver And Pancreatic Tumours - Xu Zhu, China
  • TACE In Primary Breast And Lung Tumours: Technical Considerations & How Do I Do It? - Shinichi Hori, Japan

Foundation Course 9 (FC 9)
Lecture Hall F, 0730hrs – 0830hrs
Course Objectives:

  1. To understand the basics of ablation for lung tumours and application of different ablation methods for various clinical settings.
  2. To learn how to manage pain in lung ablation.
  3. To learn organ protection techniques during ablation and how to handle complications.

Basics Of Thermal Ablation In Lung

  • Case Selection, Pre-Procedural Preparations And Pain Control (Sedation / GA) - Ngee Teo, Singapore
  • Optimising Zone Of Ablation: When To Utilise RFA , Microwave Ablation Or Cryoablation In Lung Ablation? - TBC
  • Avoidance Of Complication: Danger Areas & Choice Of Organ Protection Technique - Ngee Teo, Singapore

Foundation Course 10 (FC 10)
Lecture Hall G, 0730hrs – 0830hrs
Course Objectives:

  1. To learn the principles and applications of radiation protection in interventional oncology.
  2. To learn about of radiation-induced skin injuries in fluoroscopic-guided procedures.

Radiation Protection In IO

  • Optimising Radiation Protection In IO - Lizbeth Kenny, Australia
  • Radiation-Induced Skin Injuries From Fluoroscopic-Guided Procedures - Kwan Hoong Ng, Malaysia


MDT Round Table 4 (MDT 4)
Lecture Hall E, 1400hrs – 1500hrs

Prostatic Imaging And Interventions

  1. Multiparametric MRI Prostate: PIRADS Reporting And Radiological Staging - Malinda Abd Majid, Malaysia.
  2. PSMA PET-CT In Ca Prostate - TBC.
  3. Imaging Of Prostate And Intervention: What The Urologist Wants? - Xeng Inn Fam, Malaysia.
  4. Prostatic Embolisation: Technical Feasibility And Clinical Update - Nik Azuan Nik Ismail, Malaysia


Focus Workshop 5 (FW 5)
Lecture Hall B, 1130 – 1300hrs


  • Current Technology And Bench Top Biophysiological Studies Of DEB-TACE In HCC - Thierry De Baere, France
  • Combined Targeted Drug And DEB-TACE For HCC: Evidence And Data Review - Arun Gupta, India
  • DC Bead® TACE: The Power Of Small Size Spheres - Ding-Kwo Wu, Chinese Taipei
  • DEB-TACE In Treatment Of Large Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Yu-Fan Cheng, Chinese Taipei
  • Transradial TACE in HCC: Technical Feasibility And Outcome - Wen Zhang, China
  • Clinical Significance Of HepaSphere™ In Advanced Stage HCC - Tao Pan, China

Focus Workshop 6 (FW 6)
Lecture Hall B, 1600hrs – 1800hrs

Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Options Beyond Guidelines

  • Advances In Tumour Ablation: The Combined Ablation System - Rui-Bao Liu, China
  • Evolution In Management Of Advanced HCC: The Power Of Combined Therapy - Gwo Fuang Ho, Malaysia
  • Ablative Chemoeombolisation (ACE) - Simon Yu, Hong Kong, China
  • Minimally Invasive And Multidisciplinary Comprehensive Diagnosis And Treatment For HCC: 2018 Guangzhou Consensus - Pei-Hong Wu, China
  • HAIC In HCC: The Taiwan Regime - Huei-Lung Liang, Chinese Taipei
  • Liver-Directed Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy In BCLC C Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Jinsil Seong, South Korea
  • Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolisation Plus Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemoembolisation Of Oxaliplatin, 5 -fluorauracil And Folinic Acid Combined With Sorafenib For Intermediate And Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma - Bao-Jiang Liu, China
  • A Randomized Controlled Trial Of HAIC With Oxaliplatin After TACE For Advanced HCC - Jian-Hai Guo, China

Focus Workshop 7 (FW 7)
Lecture Hall E, 1600hrs – 1800hrs

Scientific Writing

  • Writing A Good Paper: Best Study Designs And Its Weaknesses - TBC
  • Writing A Good Paper: East Vs West Papers. How To Get Your Papers Published - Kwan Hoong Ng, Malaysia
  • Recent Interesting Research Areas To Consider - Jean-Pierre Pelage, France
  • Top IO Papers In The Last Decade - TBC


Special Session 6
Lecture Hall B, 0830hrs – 1030hrs

Advanced Hepatobiliary Imaging Workshop

  • Spectrum Of Imaging Findings Of HCC From Early To Advanced Stage In Cirrhotic And Non-Cirrhotic Liver And The Role Of Primovist - Linda Brown, Thailand
  • C11 Acetate PET-CT In HCC: Chasing The Unseen - TBC
  • LI-RADS In Liver Tumor - Linda Brown, Thailand
  • Post Liver Intervention Follow Up: Diagnostic Pitfalls And Reporting The Right Things - Terence Kiat Beng Teo, Singapore
  • Imaging Of Cholangiocarcinoma And Premalignant Lesions - Surachate Siripongsakun, Thailand
  • Imaging Pancreatic Cancer: Early Signs That I Should Not Miss - Linda Brown, Thailand
  • Imaging In NET: CT, MRI Or PET? - TBC

Special Session 7
Lecture Hall D, 1130hrs – 1300hrs

Advanced Imaging In Head & Neck: State Of Art

  • The Great Pretenders: What You Should Not Call A Tumour In the Head And Neck - Thean Yean Kew, Malaysia
  • MR Spectroscopy For Brain Tumours - An Update - Raja Rizal Azman Raja Aman, Malaysia
  • Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Staging And Pattern Of Spread - Amali Ahmad, Malaysia
  • Understanding ACR TI-RADS And Its Clinical Applications - Anushya Vijayananthan, Malaysia
  • Post Treatment Imaging In Neuro-Oncology - Shahizon Azura Mohamad Mukari, Malaysia
  • Overview Of PET Imaging In Brain Tumours And Other Neurological Disorders - Subapriya Suppiah, Malaysia

Special Session 8
Lecture Hall D, 1400hrs – 1500hrs

IO In Asia 1

Special Session 9
Lecture Hall D, 1600hrs – 1730hrs

IO In Asia 2


Future In IO 3
Lecture Hall B, 1400hrs – 1500hrs

Balloon TACE In Liver Tumors

  • Flow Diversion And Isolation Techniques For Transarterial Therapy Of Liver Tumors: Pushing The Boundaries - David C. Madoff, USA
  • Balloon TACE In HCC: Australian Experience - Gerard S Goh, Australia
  • Antireflux Catheter In Transarterial Therapy - Jean-Pierre Pelage, France


Future In IO 4
Lecture Hall A, 1600hrs – 1730hrs

Liver Metastases: The Next Frontier

  • Transarterial Chemosaturation In Chemoresistant Hepatic Metastases: Technical Pitfalls And Outcomes - Alex Tang, Malaysia
  • Microsphere TACE For Colorectal And Breast Cancer Liver Metastases - Shinichi Hori, Japan
  • Radiofrequency Ablation Combined With Hepatic Chemoembolisation Using Degradable Starch Microsphere Mixed With Mitomycin C For The Treatment Of Liver Metastases From Colorectal Cancer: A Prospective Multicenter Study - Koichiro Yamakado, Japan
  • Transarterial Management In Liver Metastases: The Beijing Protocol - Xu Zhu, China
  • Vandetanib-Eluting Radiopaque Embolic Beads In Patients With Resectable Liver Malignancies - Graham Munneke, United Kingdom
  • Hepatic Artery Infusion With Oxaliplatin Combined With 5-FU Or Raltitrexed For Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: Single-Center Prospective Randomised Controlled Study - Ai-Wei Feng, China


Lecture Hall A, 0830hrs – 1030hrs

Training And Practice In Interventional Oncology: A Global Vision In Standardisation Of Care

  • APCIO: Past, Present And Future - Ren-Jie Yang, China
  • APSCVIR For Asia: The Vision And Mission - Bien Soo Tan, Singapore
  • IO In CIRSE - The Challenges Ahead - TBC
  • Reaching To World Beyond: SIR Giveback And Outreach Programme - Brian Stainken, USA
  • Interventional Oncology: How I Practise as A Clinician - Andreas Adam, United Kingdom
  • A Comprehensive Quality Assurance Programme In Interventional Oncology: A Lesson Well-Learned From Radiation Oncology - Lizbeth Kenny, Australia
  • Making IR My Career: Learning From SIR In Making IR The First Choice In Young Graduates - TBC
  • Journey In IO: My Life Story - Yasuaki Arai, Japan


Lecture Hall A, 1130hrs – 1300hrs


  • Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Disease Burden, Clinical Surveillance Guideline And Antiviral Treatment - Rosmawati Mohamed, Malaysia
  • Prognostic Impact Of Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolisation Combined With Radiofrequency Ablation In Patients With Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Comparison To TACE Alone Using Decision-Tree Analysis After Propensity Score Matching - Masatoshi Tanaka, Japan
  • Combination Strategy Of External Beam Radiotherapy And TACE - Jinsil Seong, South Korea
  • Targeted Drugs & Immunotherapy In HCC: New Frontier In HCC Management - Gwo Fuang Ho, Malaysia


Nurse Session 3
Lecture Hall E, 0830hrs - 0930hrs

Nursing In TACE And Radioembolisation

  • Care Of Patients: Pre And Post Chemoembolisation - Dhashinee Gopal, Malaysia
  • Effect Of Abdominal Breathing On Patients With Abdominal Pain After TACE - Chun-Xia Li, China
  • Nursing Occupational Protection State Of Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolisation In China: A Cross-Sectional Survey - Yan-Jun Mao, China
  • Nursing Essentials In Radioembolisation - Nurizyan Norazmi, Malaysia

Nurse Session 4
Lecture Hall E, 0930hrs - 1030hrs

Free Paper Presentation

  • Standardised Management Of Post-Brachytherapy With Iodine 125 Seeds For Sacral Chordoma - Chun-Fang Hu, China
  • Method And Effect Of Nursing Procedure For Infusion-Related Phlebitis - Hong-Jing Liu, China
  • Nursing Care Of Thoracic And Peritoneal Mass Puncture Through DWI’s Precise Positioning And CT’s Guided - TBC
  • CT Guided Percutaneous Microwave Ablation In The Treatment Of Primary Liver Cancer - Xiu-Ya Xing, China
  • Case Report Of PICC Fracture And Accurate Nursing Of A Patient Discharged With PICC - Jun-Mei Li, China

Nurse Session 5
Lecture Hall E, 1130hrs -1300hrs

Nursing In IR: The Essentials Part 2

  • Virtual Simulation For Nursing Education - Ren-Jie Yang, China
  • Design And Application Of The Monitoring Record Sheet (Electronic Version) For The Interventional Surgery - Bao-Jun Yan, China
  • Management And Recovery Of Patient Under Procedural Sedation In Interventional Radiology - Dhashinee Gopal, Malaysia
  • Correlation Analysis Of Sleep Quality And Anxiety And Depression Of Tumour Patients In Interventional Therapy Department - Meng-Ying Liu, China
  • Analysis Of The Benefits Of Continuing Care On The Patients With Liver Cancer After Intervention - Wei-Hang Li, China
  • Study On Posttraumatic Growth Of Caregivers Of Liver Cancer Patients And Its Influencing Factors - Yu-Lian Li, China


Radiographer Session
Lecture Hall D, 0830hrs – 1030hrs

Advanced Angiographic Guidance In TACE

  • Angio-CT And Embotrack Guidance: How Do I Do It? - Sara Lim, Malaysia
  • Emboguide With Cone Beam CT: How Do I Do It? - Kittipitch Bannangkoon, Thailand
  • Innovation In Angio CT - Chiheb Dahmani, Singapore
  • Case Presentations


Live Transmission 3
Lecture Hall C, 0930hrs – 1030hrs

LeVeen RFA For Liver Tumour
Primary Operator: Nutcha Pinjaroen, Thailand

Live Transmission 4
Lecture Hall C, 1400hrs – 1500hrs

Primary Operator: Uei Pua, Singapore

Extreme IO Case Challenges

Extreme IO Case Challenge 4
Lecture Hall C, 0830hrs – 0930hrs

Case Presentations & Discussion

Extreme IO Case Challenge: Premium Edition
Lecture Hall C, 1130hrs – 1300hrs

Case Presentations & Discussion

IO Case Challenge 5
Lecture Hall C, 1600hrs – 1730hrs

Case Presentations & Discussion

Breakfast Symposiums

Industrial Breakfast Symposium By Boston Scientific
Lecture Hall A, 0730hrs - 0830hrs

TheraSphere® In Liver Radioembolisation

  • Radioembolisation: Patient Selection - Somrach Thamtorawat, Thailand
  • SIRT Dosimetry: BSA Vs Partition Technique - When To Use Which - Ramon Augusto Hilarion S. Santos-Ocampo, Philippines
  • Current Status Of Yittrium - 90 In Metastatic Colorectal Cancer - TBC
  • TheraSphere® In HCC: Current Status And Result - Brian Stainken, USA

Industrial Breakfast Symposium By Canon Medical
Lecture Hall B, 0730hrs - 0830hrs

Hybrid CT-Angio System In Interventional Oncology

  • Principles And Applications Of Angio-CT In IR/IO - Alex Tang, Malaysia
  • Angio-CT In Liver Embolisation - Nutcha Pinjaroen, Thailand
  • CT-Angio In Non Vascular Intervention - Shunsuke Sugawara, Japan

Lunch Symposiums

Lunch Symposium By Philips
Lecture Hall A, 1300hrs - 1400hrs

3D Angiographic Guidance In IR

  • Emboguide In IO: My Invention And Its Applications - Shiro Miyayama, Japan
  • Emboguide In TACE: I Love It - Kittipitch Bannangkoon, Thailand

Lunch Symposium By BD
Lecture Hall B, 1300hrs - 1400hrs

Venous Intervention In Oncology

  • Portfolio Of Venous Access In IO: PICC And Port - Albert Goh, Australia
  • IR To Bedside Insertion: The Benefits, Challenge And Management, Based On Real Hospital Experience In Australia - Albert Goh, Australia
  • Discussion And Q&A

Tea Symposiums

Tea Symposium By Siemens
Lecture Hall D, 1500hrs - 1600hrs

Hybrid Angio-CT In Complex Liver Tumour Interventions: Options Beyond Conventions - Xiao-Dong Wang, China

Tea Symposium By Exza Medical
Lecture Hall E, 1030hrs - 1130hrs

  • European Multicenter Study On Degradable Starch Microspheres (DSM): The Digestible Way To Conquer Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) - Jens Matthias Theysohn, Germany
  • Embocept Experience In IKN: Why Do I Choose Embocept? - Ridzuan Abdul Rahim, Malaysia
  • Embocept Experience In PPUM: How Do I Do It? - Norshazriman Sulaiman, Malaysia

Tea Symposium By Exza Medical
Lecture Hall E, 1500hrs - 1600hrss

  • European Multicenter Study On Degradable Starch Microspheres (DSM): The Digestible Way To Conquer Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) - Jens Matthias Theysohn, Germany
  • Embocept Experience In IKN: Why Do I Choose Embocept? - Ridzuan Abdul Rahim, Malaysia
  • ombination Therapy: Tips And Tricks - Peter Goh, Singapore

Booth Symposiums

Booth Tea Symposium By Boston Scientific
1030hrs - 1130hrs

  • DC Bead® DEB TACE - Ding-Kwo Wu, Chinese Taipei

Booth Tea Symposium By Canon Medical
1030hrs - 1130hrs

  • AI In Radiology - Where Are We Now Today? - Ken Loo
  • Canon Healthcare IT, Oncology Imaging Solution For Better Patient Care - Nicolas Pieropan

Booth Tea Symposium By Boston Scientific
1500hrs - 1600hrs

  • Y-90 Radioembolisation Tips And Tricks - Rheun-Chuan Lee, Chinese Taipei

Booth Tea Symposium By Canon Medical
1500hrs - 1600hrs

  • Introduction Of Alphenix Line Up - Yoshimichi Ami
  • How Are You Doing With Canon 4DCT - James Tan

Industry Sponsored Symposiums

Industry Sponsored Symposiums By Canon Medical
Lecture Hall A, 1400hrs - 1500hrs

Hybrid Angio-CT Technology

  • Hybrid Angio-CT Interventional Suite: Expensive Gimmick Or Essential Tool? - Kiang Hiong Tay, Singapore
  • New Milestone In Liver Intervention - Nutcha Pinjaroen, Thailand
  • Embotrack In IO: The Angiographic Google Map In Precision Medicine - Alex Tang, Malaysia
  • Angio-CT In Non-Vascular Intervention: The Sky Is The Limit - Shunsuke Sugawara, Japan

Merit Medical Transradial Access Workshop

Merit Medical Transradial Access Workshop
Lecture Hall F, 1030hrs - 1130hrs

  • Tips And Tricks In Starting Trans-Radial IR - Rickie Lik-Fai Cheng, Hong Kong, China
  • Advanced Transradial Access In Interventional Oncology - Uei Pua, Singapore
  • Transradial Intervention In IO: Results And Complications - Wen Zhang, China